Dan Clay [Rythm Guitar], Tom Edwards [Lead Guitar and Vox], John Harper [Bass], Jeff Trent [Drums]

Classic Alien Invasion

Classic Alien Invasion was born in the first days of 2007. All songs have been composed between November 2007 and February 2010 and 8 of them have been selected to be recorded and released in 2014, yes you could find us lazy. With CAI we would like produce a metal music back to its roots, straight in your face far from the complex structures or lyrical stuff a lot of bands propose today but keeping melodies.

We wanted to create songs with all we like from this music, fast tempo, aggressive riffs and sound with guitars driving the music without computer and shitty stuff like that. We left aside some production tools to create a fresh and expressive music and also because we are out of money. At the end the result will not suit a fragile ear or an ear-fed of musical blockbusters.

CAI Recording Diary - The Space From a Garage

May 2012 - At Rico's House to begin the recording

Jeff recorded his drum parts without the help of a drum map or demo tracks, just a single metronome to record the songs and let's go. One evening to capture his improvisations and beats for the 3 songs.

We love these parts, instantaneous, with a 70s feel far away from the boring typewriter style of so many drummers in metal production today. After this, YES we can live without double bass drums and blast beats same if it could be useful (a blast-beater can be always plugged to a drum kit to produce a clean energy).

It was a very motivated John who came at the Rico's House to inscribe his bass licks to posterity. One short session to plug the bass and find a cool sound, the second one was focused on the recording. At the console room down stair we were really frightened of the result as we felt the John striking the ground and jumping while he played. Could be nice for the lower bass frequencies. Also during the recording of Cosmo Family Values we noticed that Jeff added bars at the last chorus of the song, we kept and deal with it. We spent a third evening to conclude the bass parts and repair the floor of the recording room...:)

June 2012 - At Rico's House to record guitar tracks

It's a pure Sci-Fi story, no witness of these moments. Some rumors said that in Rameldange a massive growl surprised the village at nightfall. What we know in the band is at the end of the month Dan plugged his Mesa and played loud.

After these recordings came a break for the band, Jeff have to compose the next BMB's album and tour with Mark Lotterman, In my side I had to produce a Freak Kitchen's gig in south of France at Digne-les-bains.

July 2012 - At the Decibel Bar in Luxembourg

Rico sent us songs we listen to while drinking a Chouffe (the best beer to understand our music). We tried to put in place an agenda to complete the recordings. We wanted to complete the recordings for September, but it remains a lot of works, Right now, we don't know who can sing on these tracks.

August 2012 - Aggressive with a sore throat...

I recorded some guitar tracks on Alien N°1, the sound is very aggressive but it doesn't fit with some improvised parts. Anyway, John agreed with some of these ideas and we kept this demo to prepare the final version of the song.

It's a hot and sunny day in Arlon, the guys are here to review the lyrics and perform some vocal tests on Alien N°1. The vocal recorded are not really conclusive. We are depressed with a sore throat...:)

October 2012 Orange Mechanic

I put some mics in front of a Orange's Micro Terror, this amp is as wide as a iPhone but coupled to a MXR pedal can deliver some goods. He tried different stuff, the MT plugged in a 2x12 Marshall cab, in an Intellifex or using an old Carvin pre-amp in insert. At the end of this pure guitarist's masturbation the instrumental of Alien N°1 is recorded and ready for the mix.

I tried to be more aggressive on the first part of the songs while the second part is more lead by the guitars. I kept a big part of the arrangements recorded during the session in August.

And what about the vocals? Sure, nobody wants to know about the vocals... Fuck the singers...

November 2012 - At home

It was a pleasure for my neighbours to listen to me warming up my throat on Alien N°1. The worst comes always with November.

I sent the result to the guys and it seems listenable. Burning my throat for days next time I should use more distorsion. From Nuke these vocals are very close from to Mortal Kombat Style..Not sure if it's a good thing...:)

Back on the guitar to record Cosmo Family Values. It's months since I played this song, I took the afternoon to put back this song in my fingers.

The version recorded is a little bit different with this fucking huge tempo Jeff played! I prepared a solo at the middle of the song but with this tempo I don't know if it will be feasible.

Perhaps some gods of guitars are with me this evening to record this shit. Anyway it's time for my revenge, on the bridge improvised by the guys I'm recording a kind of blues-rock stuff, the payback for the tempo.

December 2012 - Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

A mixdown of the instrumental of Cosmo Family Values has been sent to the guys and I begin to destroy my remaining vocal cords. Last weekend with Nuke and Mr Von Cham we visited the Ardennes hoping to find a spot where we could shoot a video for a song.

We found a chapel surrounded by graves in the middle of nowhere, this could be a cool spot for an Ed Wood movie.

At home.

I took out a good old axe to record GaAaB yesterday, a Jackson Dinky Rvs purchased in 92, I changed bits and pieces here and there with the time but it always delivered the goods. This song is quite special as we don't use a usual tuning and as it refers to a well known Sci-Fi producer died in 78...;) This song will sound differently than A1 and CFV, with a gorgeous bass sound.

I think as usually we will be "a little bit" late...:)

Let's see January for the mix.

January 2013 - Somewhere under ice and snow

For good, the schedule will be not assured. 2 weeks to wait before to go to the studio to work with Rico on the guitar tracks but the weather is rude every time I want to take the car. Rehearsals are planned at the end of the month but I'm not sure it will happen.

You think it's a joke? You've to climb a mountain to reach Rico! This winter has come for a very, very, very long time...

February 2014 - Outside the temporal rift

For those who follow this blog, here we are. After almost 2 years, we completed the recording of 3 tracks. What we've done last year?

Indeed a lot of things, about music, Jeff hit the roads with his band, visiting Europe and Japan, we produced also a DVD "BMB - Are you Isolated?" and of course this great production for Like a Jazz Machine Festival "The Grand Cosmic Journey" an exciting moment of free jazz and psychedelic rock.

Except that, some recording sessions with other bands and for some of us, the family enjoyed some excitements...;)

July 2014 - Here we go, full of Bubblegum

It's time to get out the stuff. It will be more concrete for you guys. We will release the 1st song in September, in 2014 of course...:)

Don't know exactly what will be the one released, it needs to be discussed with the band. We started at the beginning of the month to work on a music video, a strange story about aliens and tentacles. Cham' is working on the visual find below how it is growing up.

This is the end of the diary the rest of the story will be updated in the news section.