"As for the album on a whole, it’s hard to classify a specific style. Surely, you will hear some prog and industrial-tinged thrash elements; not to mention the spacey-groove metal blended in. For my tastes, I dug it for that very specific reason and you won’t go wrong purchasing this album." Kenneth Gallant - Horror Metal Sounds
"Definitely recommended to those who want to hear crazy things with strange rhythms, scales and melodies. I think here we are dealing with pioneers..." Vasileios Papageorgakopoulos - Greek Rebels
“I’m not usually one for sci-fi metal with all the digital noises that go on all the fucking time. . .gives me a headache to be honest. But thankfully, this underground band, Classic Alien Invasion, has taken out the majority of all that digitally added sound and focused more on the metal part and that made their third song to be released “Alien Number One” a really solid song for me. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, this song has a real grunge and rough sound that sounded really good to me because I’m the type of guy who likes his metal real gritty and with a lot of heavy on the side. Now I will go ahead and say this is something that the majority of us wouldn’t call head-bang worthy, but the riffs and rhythm of this song are done really well along with the vocals that are aggressive and gritty for the time that they are heard which is really only in the first half of the song then they don’t come up as often. The guitars and drums have a great sound to them that make the song seem much longer than 5 minutes which was good to me because I found them extremely enjoyable. I’m honestly really excited for whatever else this band has in store for the future because they got everything they need all the need to do is actually get the music out there and people will enjoy this as I have.” Vinterd - Head-Banger Reviews
"Original, of course they are. Then it will be up to you to try them or not. Over here, we liked." Diario de un Metalhead

Road to the Next Album

Do you want to have your favorite song covered by the band on our next album?

The next CAI recording should contain 10 tracks, 9 compositions and 1 cover. About that cover we want to let the fans of the band suggest some titles and decide which one should be recorded. So do you want to have your favorite song covered by the band on our next album?

Visit on new playlist titled "Road to the next Album" on our Youtube channel, all details are notified in the description of the video. 

Cube 2 Sauerbraten - Mod Venice Invaded

Play Venice Invaded and face the extinction!

Discover our new tune "Classic Alien Invasion" playing our Sauerbraten mod "Venice Invaded".  Enjoy to frag in a comic strip with the mod based on the famous map "Venice" by Garcia.  The server is online from 8pm CET.

Released August 15th 2020