Post date: Jul 3, 2016 10:56:12 AM

Alienophobia is in its mastering process. The fourth song recorded by the band and mixed at the RICOrding Studio in Rameldange.

Here, the theme of the song is not a tribute to a movie but a kind of science fiction novel. Influenced by the Richard Fleischer's movie "Soylent Green", globalisation and these new technological revolutions bringing transhumanism, reduced human activitiesand the return of nationalisms, what will the next revolution be ? Will the people fight again and will it be global?

To illustrate that we wanted a slow tempo driven by the groove of the bass and the drums and a dry sound.

Again we recorded live and kept the acoustic and organic sound of the drums. No massive compression, no trigger, no drum map, it's very far from what we can listen in metal music today but it's aggressive, underground and not comfortable. Perfect for the theme of the song. Some think about Killing Joke in the chorus, some found Adrian Smith in the guitar solo, don't know , you will make your own opinion, we just hope that you will play it loud!