Back at RICOrding Studios! - Day 3

Post date: Jul 19, 2015 4:34:40 PM

Hell Folks,

Here we go again to present a third resume of our recording sessions!

I don't know why I titled this blog "Back at RICOrding Studios! - Day 3"

because every time the boys are recording their stuff in a session of 2

or 3 hours (and I take count the time spent to drink a fresh beer and

discuss :)

This session today was originally scheduled last Sunday but shame on us

we were completely drunk due a marriage party the Saturday. During this

party Jeff jammed with the clarinetist Michel Pilz a true legend in Free Jazz

in Europe, it was a great time of music.

When I met John today I knew he was in a good shape to record the eponym

track Classic Alien Invasion. When our bassist is wearing his "Make Love Not War"

Pro Pain t-shirt, doubts and fear don't exist in his mind...;)

The result is pretty good the bass lines on this song are sometimes galloping,

sometime loud and heavy. I think people who like the instrumental songs in

the early Maiden or Metallica albums should love this one.

Like Cosmos Family Values we are back in the middle of 80ies with this tune.