Back At The RICOrding Studios - Day 4

Post date: Jul 26, 2015 8:33:12 PM

Hell Folks!

Rainy today on Rameldange to start the recording of the guitar track at the RICOrding Studios.

Dan landed at the studio with his Vigier around 11am to install his amp and prepare his session.

It was scheduled to record the 3 songs today but the guys were very focused and they recorded

4 songs! in fact at 2pm he started to record Alienophobia and record entirely the

song before realizing that the setup of the amp was not correct, they used the crunch

canal of the amp...yes my friends with CAI everything is possible...:)

Disgusted the boys decided to work on Classic Alien Invasion, and when the rythm guitars

of Dan were completed it sounded already really great and massive we think it will be a killer

tune to be play on stage. I don't want to be longer on the re-recording of Alienophobia...:)

But it will be the first song of this set we will release in September and with the guitar added

now I can say the stuff will be definitely in the mood of GaAaB. If you liked this song you will

like Alienophobia with its bass and drums groove.

Mars Blast Waves closed the session, I think it's the most aggressive song we propose,

very thrashy. Dan recorded today his first guitar solo for the band, a pretty cool solo at the end

of the song. At every listening today I though these guitar lines are in the mood of the song

Powerslave from the mighty Iron Maiden. I think it's a good reference...;)

Now we are ready to start the second guitar tracks!

Keep you in touch,