CAI on Metal Nation Radio Tonight

Post date: Mar 12, 2015 11:22:22 AM

Hell Folks! Don't miss Metal Rises in the East with D-Dubs tonight

to discover great metal bands and classics.

From 5 pm to 8 pm ET on Metal Nation Radio. United We Rock!

Tonight's show is gearing up to be a fuckin sweet one! Come dig on

Tempting Fate, Before the Mourning, Worselder, HELM, Advance on

Thermopylae, Diretone, Our Souls Evolve, Tactus, Forward Unto Dawn,

Classic Alien Invasion, Hero's Last Rite, Dumpster Mummy,

The Bombing of Dresden, Anthesis, and a hot new track from Antler!!!!

Be there 5pm est only on Metal Nation Radio!!! United We Rock!