CAI Part of the New Mussic App Veromuse

Post date: Mar 13, 2015 8:15:37 AM

Hell Folks! Join us on Veromuse!

This new music app is available today!

It's always cool to be part of the launch of a new venture!

Don't know what will happen for this new Music App but we wish them all the best!

At its core Veromuse is a mobile social music app that helps emerging and up and

coming artists find a platform to connect with music fans. Various functionalities serve

as vehicles for facilitating music discovery, sharing and interacting. Veromuse enables

artists to unite with fans and to collaborate with other artists, while promoting fans to

share music. Veromuse is a space where the art of music is nurtured and celebrated,

where the creative spark is kept alive and artists gain recognition they deserve in an

organic and natural way.

Download app from Google Play

Or Apple Store