Post date: Dec 1, 2014 9:37:44 AM

Cosmos Family Values in NW Metal Zone

Here the playlist of the next episode of NW Metal Zone

on NWCZ Radio. Cosmos Family Values will be played

on the show this Tuesday the 2nd. The show airs at

8pm Pacific time on The show is

supporting the Northwest metal scene, so it's a good

chance to discover lot of bands.

A podcast will be available!

Brain Scraper - Bloodstain

Classic Alien Invasion - Cosmos Family Values

Mico De Noche - Behind Our Silence Wall

Sarpedon - Anomic Nation

Massacre At The Opera - Absolution

Krystos - Woods of Suicide

Zero Down - Return of the Godz

Doomsower - El Camino Real

Sickness - No Means Yes

Old Iron - Lerna

Deathbed Confessions - Everything You Need

Vihaan - Inflection

Humut Tabal - Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm

Initial Point - Hale Bopp

Black Bone Exorcism - Cast From Collapse