Post date: Nov 5, 2014 8:33:23 AM

Dangerzone Playlist

Hell Folks! Here the playlist of Dangerzone this week. If you missed the Belgian show Monday, it will be scheduled tomorrow evening (November 6th) on Rock FM Online ( Sabaton : night witches (nbr)

2. Metal machine : nailed to the cross (dream) cd free nation

3. Bloodbound : Iron throne (afm) cd stormborn

4. Firewölfe : betrayals kiss (limb) cd we rule the night

5. Xthirteen : a taste of the light (cmm) cd a taste of the light

6. Isidris : one in a million (eb) cd fire blood and stone from argentina

7. Megasonic :demon s lust (mausoleum) cd intense

8. Megasonic :run for cover (mausoleum) cd intense

9. Megasonic :does your mother know (mausoleum) cd intense

10. Stud : raise your fist (cranksonic) cd rust on the rose

11. Diablo blvd : rise like lions (nbr)

12. Sanctuary : frozen (cm) cd the year the sun died

13. Calibre zero : aun arde su fuegu (pure steel) cd con las botas puestas

14. Nitrogods : rats and rumours (spv) cd rats and rumours bijna motorhead

15. Classic Alien Invasion : GaAaB

16. Maggies madness : waking up the dead (starlight) waking up the dead

17. Lordi : house of ghosts (afm) cd scare force one

18. Panzer (the german) : panzer (nbr)

19. Noctiferia : gaga people (cmm) cd gaga people

20. May the silence fail : if it wasn't for you (carrycoal) cd of hape and aspiration

21. Sylosis : mercy (nbr)

22. Inquisitor : consuming christ (hammerheart) cd walpurgus, sabbath of lust

23. Obtruncamay the silence fail : if it wanstion : the wild chase (vic) cd abode of the departed

24. Ordinace : side a (ahdistuksen) cd relinquishment

25. Cadaveria : carnival of doom (scarlet) cd silence

26. Adimiron : the burning of metusalem (scarlet) cd timelapse