GaAaB on Headbangers Zone N°66 - Playlist

Post date: Nov 17, 2014 5:43:06 PM

CLASSIC ALIEN INVASION Airplay on the french radio program N°66 of HEADBANGER ZONE

Download the radio brodcast directly on this link :!fwdmHCyQ!ZDb1pg_5P5ltDCpuffXIKspT_Nl156V6OTcHUdCjYtQ

For HEADBANGER ZONE N°66 this is what you can listen

-RAMMSTEIN - Amerika (Reise Reise 2004)

-TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION - Monster in me (Ride on 2014)

-DECAYING - New order (New order EP 2014)

-OVERKILL - Armorist (White devil armory 2014)

-LONEWOLF - Blood of the heretic (Cult of steel 2014)

-KALEDON - Friends will be enemies (Antillius-The king of the light 2014)

-CLASSIC ALIEN INVASION - GaAab (New track 2014)

-NOTHING MORE - This is the time (Ballast) (Nothing More 2014)

-WALLBANGERS - First (Wallbangers EP 2014)

-SCORPIONS (Feat. Uli Jon Roth) - Polar nights (Tokyo Tapes 1978)

-CHILDREN OF BODOM - Hellhounds on my trail (Blooddrunk 2008)

-TREPANATION - Trepanation/Blackned earth/Endless darkness (Hideous black abyss 2013)

-MASTER - Betrayal (Four more years of terror 2005)

-STARKILL - Winter desolation (Virus of the mind 2014)

-SIXX A.M - Let's go (Modern vintage 2014)

-DARIA ELECTRA - Paradisease/She blows your mind (Lustful 2014)

And the rock and roll will save the world.