What's Up Metal Heads! BRITISH STEEL' Is Back This Friday

Post date: Mar 13, 2015 7:46:53 AM

What's up Metal Heads! Don't forget 'BRITISH STEEL' is back this Friday from 11am-3am CST // 5pm-9pm GMT.

This week I'm gonna be kicking off the show with an hour of music from 16 of my favourite bands from around the globe that have sent in music

over the last year, followed right up by 2 hours of pure british Rock/Metal/Punk/Alt. music.

As always right after my show I'll be playing the latest podcast from 'The Doc Metal Show Ft. The Real Munson'. Episode 204 'Industrial Dancy Pants'!

Bands on this weeks show - Mammoth Black - 44 Fires - 6 Prong Paw - HELIA - Edisun - Appetite - Redwolves - Torn Beloved - Beauty In The Suffering

- Lost In A Name - MAID of ACE - Classic Alien Invasion - Twiztid - Neverfriend - The Prowl - White Radio

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You can tune into the show on the website or on your mobile device via the FREE TuneIn App.

'' Asgard Radio, Where The Gods Go To Rock.......Mortals Welcome''


Direct Link - http://tunein.com/radio/Asgard-Radio-s142230/

Catch you all Friday morning! Be excellent to eachother!! - Roadkill \m/